About Level Headed Marketing

LHM's LogoDoc Sheldon and Gabriella Sannino, International Marketing Consultants

Level Headed Marketing is the brainchild of Gabriella Sannino and Doc Sheldon, ’cause they just love working together. They also enjoy bustin’ each others’ chops now and then… just to keep things interesting.

Most of all, they love SEO and helping people succeed in business. Gabs and Doc both have extensive marketing backgrounds and between them, they’ve lived in well over a dozen different countries. With the world becoming increasingly connected, working in an international market has become the norm for many B2C and B2B companies, some of whom struggle with the nuances of interacting appropriately in different cultures.

That’s why they put their heads together and formed Level Headed Marketing – to bring more awareness of the many important considerations when marketing internationally. Their goal is to bring together professionals in different areas of expertise and different cultures, to share their wisdom with LHM’s viewers.

Level Headed Marketing is focused on SEO and marketing issues, but that’s a fairly broad range of topics, so we try to drill down to specifics and provide actionable advice whenever we can. Sometimes it will be just the two of us, but we’ll normally be inviting someone to join us – someone with demonstrated expertise in a particular area.

Please visit and connect with Level Headed Marketing’s Google+ page, Facebook page and our Twitter account. (hashtag: #LHM2013)

You, the viewers, need to let them know what you want to see, who you want to hear from. They’ll find a way to make it happen.