Level Headed Marketing Makes its Debut

Well, we finally quit talking about it and just DID it. Gabriella Sannino and I have been hashing over the idea of doing some themed Hangouts on Google+ for a couple of months. Seems like when she had time available, I was swamped and vice versa. But our stars finally aligned the other day and we decided to just do it!

We could have talked about global finance issues or the electoral process in Zimbabwe (if they even have one), but we thought it might be more productive if we discussed something we both have some knowledge of. And that put international marketing at the top of the list.

Focus on International

We’ve been working together now and then on international projects for a couple of years, and recently, that relationship expanded into a more formal “alliance” with a number of other colleagues around the world. We’ve both always felt that in order to do the best job for an international client, more is needed than just fluency in the language.

Whether handling local promotion for a small business in Indonesia or preparing a marketing campaign for a large multinational firm trying to break into an eastern bloc market, there are many nuances that come into play. In almost all instances, having someone involved that has intimate knowledge of all aspects of the local market will be a critical component. That means the local language, including any local/regional slang, customs, political and religious influences, gender biases… the list is long.

We haven’t decided yet whether these Hangouts will be weekly or bi-weekly, but they will be regularly scheduled, once we make up our collective mind. If you have specific questions you’d like to ask, you can Tweet it to us, using the hashtag #LHM2013. You can also follow us on Twitter, and join us on our Facebook page.

So in our debut Hangout, we decided to get our feet wet by touching on some of the major considerations surrounding content, SEO and marketing in international markets. Here’s Level Headed Marketing, Part 1. Enjoy!

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And here’s Part 2.

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