LHM – Amy Vernon on Community Building

Our last Level Headed Marketing session was with Amy Vernon discussing the art and science of community building. I have to admit, it was an educational process for me, as I was guilty of having made some assumptions about what the job entails. Boy, did I get my eyes opened!

Community management is SO much more than just promoting posts on Facebook and Twitter! It’s not just knowing how to interact with the community, either. There’s a long list of skills one has to develop in order to effectively attract and engage people, as well as develop the business’s image, present the right message and constantly inject life into the community. It takes real savvy.

And Amy is one of the savviest! She’s been at the heart of some of the most dynamic community building efforts in recent years, setting a challenging pace and creating an enviable record.

Don’t believe me, though… listen to her words of wisdom…



Amy will also be speaking at the following conferences:

SMX East (NYC)

Wednesday Oct. 2, 2013

SMX Advanced Track Think You Know Good Content? Fuggedaboutit. Here’s What Really Counts

Amy will talk about some of the basic things you can do to ensure your content is attractive to both readers and search engines. With extensive experience on optimizing content for social media, Amy will share the best ways to attract attention on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere.

Thursday, October 3, 2013 4:30pm – 5:30pm

10- Steps Intensives: A Series of Practical + Insightful Expert Talk

Increasing your followers is fine, but what about keeping all those people interested and engaged? Amy will outline 10 steps you can take to activate and mobilize your existing community.

MarketingProfs’ 7th Annual B2B Marketing Forum Boston, Massachusetts

October 9–11 2013

How B2B Small Business Marketers Can Use Content to Drive Leads and Sales

Amy will discuss how to grow your small business. As a small business marketer, there are many challenges involved with developing an effective content strategy. When you’re trying to increase sales and grow your business, the challenges are even more imposing. Don’t miss this session!

Help Desk Expert New York City, NY

Monday, October 14, 2013 at 8:30 AM Realtime Marketing Lab

At the inaugural Realtime Marketing Lab in New York City, Amy will be serving on the help desk as one of a team of experts in social and digital marketing.

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