LHM – Commercialization of the Internet

Ammon Johns, or the Black_Knight, as many know him, has been floating around the ether a good bit longer than search engines. In IRC, alone, he probably has more time amassed than some digital marketers have out of diapers, let alone helping clients achieve their goals. He’s delivered notable successes for his clients in some of the most competitive verticals and has a client list that would make many green with envy.

He’s also been an active fixture on several forums over the years, often as a moderator, but always offering sound advice to those willing to learn. We asked him to share some history of how he watched the commercialization of the Internet develop and how that process has progressed to the present.

This isn’t just reminiscing, folks… in order to be able to market online effectively, we first need to understand the subtle differences between online and offline marketing. And the key to that is in the way people find and interact with information on the Internet.

At one time, a search for Internet Marketing Consultant would return Ammon as the #1 result – in fact, the only result. So he’s been around a while, working in the thick of it, not just watching from the periphery. Let’s hear what he has to say about how he watched the commercialization of the Internet occur over the years.


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Doc retired from his business management consulting firm in 2005, and began studying SEO full-time. After more than 30 years in marketing and print publishing, SEO copywriting seemed like a logical next step, so he founded Doc Sheldon's Clinic and expanded into content strategy. A couple of years later, he founded Top Shelf Copy, and in another couple of years, he launched Intrinsic Value SEO. Doc specializes in technical SEO and is passionate about working toward a true Semantic Web.

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