LHM – Content Strategy, Part 1

Our third episode featured Melissa Fach and Jennifer Horowitz, on the topic of content domination. These two ladies know how to plan and execute a content program and promote it to maximum benefit.

This is the first of two parts, dealing with the nature of content domination. Part two will deal with the methods of content promotion for optimal content domination. Content domination isn’t just good writing on relevant topics… it has many facets that when all are aligned, can yield awesome results.

Check it out. Three segments, totaling about an hour.



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Doc retired from his business management consulting firm in 2005, and began studying SEO full-time. After more than 30 years in marketing and print publishing, SEO copywriting seemed like a logical next step, so he founded Doc Sheldon's Clinic and expanded into content strategy. A couple of years later, he founded Top Shelf Copy, and in another couple of years, he launched Intrinsic Value SEO. Doc specializes in technical SEO and is passionate about working toward a true Semantic Web.

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