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Bill Slawski needs no introduction in the SEO world, but for those of you that may be new to this corner of the Internet, Bill is the guy that does what most of us don’t have the patience for… he follows the patent applications and grants that affect search.

As the preeminent authority on patent interpretation, he’s the go-to guy for many of us when we want to understand all the ramifications of a patent, without having to pore over it ourselves. He has more understanding than most people of what the search engines may be trying to accomplish and the mechanisms they might be employing to do so. Having him join us on LHM was a pleasure and produced some very thought-provoking ideas.

Whether you’re seeking a better understanding of what the search algorithms are capable of today, or are interested in figuring out what the Internet may have in store for us tomorrow, you need to be paying attention to what Bill has to say. If you’re not, you’re missing the boat.


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Doc retired from his business management consulting firm in 2005, and began studying SEO full-time. After more than 30 years in marketing and print publishing, SEO copywriting seemed like a logical next step, so he founded Doc Sheldon's Clinic and expanded into content strategy. A couple of years later, he founded Top Shelf Copy, and in another couple of years, he launched Intrinsic Value SEO. Doc specializes in technical SEO and is passionate about working toward a true Semantic Web.

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