Matt Siltala Talks Infographics with Level Headed Marketing

Gabriella and I recently interviewed Matt Siltala, of Avalaunch Media, on the topic of infographics. We discussed what a good infographic should do (what it is and isn’t), some interesting developments in the technology used, how to re-purpose them effectively and where IGs may go in the future, among other things.

Matt Siltala featured on Level Headed MarketingMatt’s well known for building kick-ass IGs. He’s probably even more well known for being one of the nicest guys you’re likely to meet at any of the various conferences he attends or addresses each year.

He’s got a lot more to speak for his marketing chops than just infographics, though – Avalaunch has built a reputation for achieving results for their clients. When even your competitors speak highly of your abilities and integrity, it’s a good idea to perk up and pay attention.Chances are, you’ll be missing out if you don’t.

Here’s Matt, sharing some of his wisdom on just one marketing technique – the effective use of infographics.

If you visit the Clients page on Matt’s site, you’ll see why I say Avalaunch Media has built a reputation for getting the job done. You don’t rack up a list of clients like Expedia, Dell, Xango, Intuit, Home Depot, Sales Force and Novell without having an impressive track record.

Matt, thanks for an informative and enjoyable interview. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

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