Level Headed Marketing Videos

Some time ago, Gabriella Sannino and I put our heads together and started thinking about doing interviews with experts in various fields. We decided that videos was a great place to start, with the eventual goal of doing open Hangouts on Google+.

Things Developed Quickly

After getting five Hangouts under our belts, we decided that it was really time that Level Headed Marketing had its own website. The idea is to make this a repository of discussions of various topics in marketing and SEO, as well as any peripheral areas of interest that come up.

When we get a few more done, we intend to categorize the videos and make them searchable, so if you’re interested in what the experts have to say about a particular topic, you can easily find it here, in their own words.

We’ll also be adding transcripts of the videos soon, which will make it easier to locate specific items. But that’s only fulfilling part of our goal. The most critical part is to ensure we’re covering the topics that are of interest to you, our viewers.

Your Part in All This

So… what we need from you is your questions, suggestions, criticisms, critiques… and of course, when we open the Hangouts up to the public (which is coming very soon), your attendance and participation. These Hangouts aren’t for us… they’re for you. So your feedback is needed.

Let us know what topics you’d like to hear the nitty-gritty on. Tell us who you’d really like to see on the program. Maybe you have a unique perspective of your own that you’d like to share with our viewers. Let us know and we’ll do all we can to put it together.